Dedicated to providing customers with a full range of instrument consumables for sample pre-treatment, purification, and analysis, and tailor-made one-stop solutions.

       Ningbo uwyas Smarttech Co.,Ltd. is a company that integrates laboratory instrument research and development, production, sales, and service. The company is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China and is a self-innovative and vibrant enterprise. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the principle of integrity management and is committed to creating high-quality products, considerate and meticulous product services, and products with ultra-high cost-effectiveness. The company upholds the goal of win-win cooperation with customers and insists on creating value for customers, persevering on the common path together.

       Focusing on product quality and attention to product details, adhering to the tenet of "making your experiments easier, making your laboratory more sophisticated," every detail in product design and production starts from user needs and actively strives to create a more relaxed, simple, stable, efficient, and comfortable laboratory hardware environment.

       With professional research and development and production capabilities, the company can customize instruments with different specifications and parameters according to your specific needs and provide comprehensive OEM products for customers. It provides customized instruments that meet customer usage requirements. It also provides instrument panel design services with your designated logo, complete product packaging, and instructions. Our technical support and service department can take care of all users and provide the necessary technical consultation and maintenance during the warranty period.

       The products include ultrasonic cell disruptors, dry constant temperature incubators, constant temperature metal baths, constant temperature mixers, centrifuges, nitrogen blowers, sterile homogenizers, high-pressure sterilizers, viscometers, UV crosslinkers, and high-low temperature constant temperature bath series.

       The company has more than ten years of experience in producing ultrasonic equipment, designing and producing various specifications of ultrasonic equipment, continuously developing new products, greatly improving the previously extremely annoying ultrasonic noise, and improving the conversion efficiency of ultrasonic waves. The product range includes ultrasonic nano processing and preparation instruments, ultrasonic processors, laboratory tabletop ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cell disruptors, ultrasonic emulsifiers, industrial ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic accessories, ultrasonic equipment, and so on. Its products are widely used in national colleges and universities, research institutions, powder materials, chemical and chemical industries, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, optical industry, aerospace industry, hardware industry, automobile manufacturing, and other industries. "High technology, high quality, and high-quality after-sales service" is the purpose of the company. The company has a team dedicated to the development, research, and production of ultrasonic instruments, providing customers with professional solutions and technical consultation, design, modification, and upgrade services from experiments to production, and providing the best solutions and other technical services to ensure professional and perfect pre-sales, in-sale, and after-sales services. We will provide comprehensive ultrasonic equipment and services for our customers.

Adhere to Tradition

  • Focus on laboratory and life science instruments

  • Provide professional laboratory solutions for scientific research customers

  • Target quality and seek development through innovation

  • Dedicated to providing customers with a full range of instrument consumables for sample pre-treatment, purification, and analysis, and can tailor one-stop solutions